“Public transport is part of Europe’s solution and as Commissioner for transport I am here to support you.”

European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc has offered her support to the public transport sectror through a video address screened at the EU session of the UITP World Congress & Exhibition in Milan. Here is a transcript of Ms. Bulc’s address:

“There can be no doubt that transport and public transport is vital to our economy, both as service provider, as an industry itself and as a job creator. Yet we are confronted with enormous challenges: tackling congestion, pollution, and CO2 emissions, ageing populations, changing lifestyles, structural changes in our industries, to name just a few. And I am sure that public transport actors themselves –  be they organizing authorities, operators or industry suppliers – are no less subject to these challenges. I am strongly committed to making sure that transport brings the right contribution to growth and jobs, competitiveness, and investment and to the Energy Union.

In my mandate I will focus on digitalisation, the transition to alternative fuels, notably electrification based on renewables, and the internationalisation of European transport solutions. We have motivating goals set in the transport White Paper – the overall goal of achieving 60% greenhouse gas reduction by 2050, but also specific urban goals. UITP in turn has the ambitious goal for the sector to double the market share of public transport worldwide by 2025. PTx2: This represents huge opportunities for the future; new business models for public transport, innovative technologies, electric or hydrogen buses on our streets, for example.

Our joint efforts are concentrated on making these opportunities work faster and better for our people.

We are getting the incentives on board and coordinating policies and funding at all levels we are getting our pipeline of projects right and scaling good solutions up more rapidly. We are supporting solutions that meet our citizens’ needs. That’s great news, ladies and gentlemen. Our common engagement is key to making European cities the most energy efficient well-connected, mobile and greenest cities in the world, driving prosperity, offering quality jobs and ensuring EU citizens a high quality of life.

Public transport is part of Europe’s solution and as Commissioner for Transport I am here to support you.”


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